What you can expect upon my return

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

A successful manager utilizes the same general concepts as a successful preschool teacher. This allows for simple explanations and fun examples and comparisons.

In managing people, the most basic principal for being successful is: treat everyone like people. Rule number one when dealing with preschoolers is: treat them like people.

This concept is not always shared among preschool teachers. There are some who think of pre-school children more like pets, telling them when to stand, sit, and roll over. I think some of these people don’t even like children. As a preschool teacher, I witnessed this firsthand.

In other business environments, I have witnessed similar problems with managers – demanding respect without earning it, barking orders without teaching. There are even some managers who don’t like people. The thing is there are both teachers and managers who say they love children/people, but their behavior does not reflect this.

Management – Preschool Style is a resource to help managers at every level keep perspective, teach, and have some fun in their environment. Open your mind to the preschool classroom and let’s look around.


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